Blue Motor Finance now use Bonafidee's e-signature solution to offer customers the option of signing their credit agreement online in a matter of minutes. Blue needed to offer the best service to dealers with the capacity to release a car as soon as a customer had signed an agreement. 

Bonafidee's e-signature helped streamline Blue's closing process and ensured dealers received funds more quickly. The solution reduced the buying process considerably as it takes far less time to go through than printing paper documents. You only have one set of documents so there can be no discrepancies and there are also fewer errors which prevent the contracts from being rejected or being sent back for more information to be completed.

With Bonafidee's e-signature a person's identity can quickly be checked at the same time, thereby ensuring that it is the correct person signing the document. Comprehensive, detailed ID checks can be undertaken using Bonafidee against UK credit referencing agencies, passports, driving licences and bank/credit cards. By cross referencing a number of data sources you can be assured that it is the correct person you are dealing with in a matter of minutes.

Bob Jones, Executive Chairman, Blue Motor Finance  wrote:Using this new technology, Blue improved business operations with increased automation, providing a greater customer experience.  We can now provide secure, compliant and enforceable e-signatures that increase accuracy and reduce paperwork.  Customers are offered a simple, transparent application process

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