Moneybarn is a non-standard lender that operates in the motor finance marketplace. As a company that uses technology to improve its customer journey and to drive forward its business, we were looking for a new provider to help meet a number of key objectives:

  • To improve the experience for their customers
  • To take paper out of the application process
  • To incorporate secure e-signatures
  • To improve the quality of the data captured during the application process

Having completed a rigorous procurement exercise that gave a whole market view of the services they were seeking, Moneybarn selected Bonafidee to provide the right balance between the best technical solution, the best service levels and the best cultural fit.

Bonafidee has enabled Moneybarn to take the hassle out of the motor finance application process, whilst, at the same time, de-risking the process by adding another layer of anti-fraud protection.  Most importantly, during the process of signing documents, customer’s identities are verified to ensure that they are who they say they are. 

Bonafidee fits very well into what is becoming a fully automated journey for our customers. Each customer is now given an opportunity to read, understand and question their customer agreement, before signing them in an increasingly familiar, electronic environment.

Shamus Hodgson, Managing Director, Moneybarn wrote:Tying together e-ID and Bonafidee’s e-sign solution has allowed us to present the customers with a very smooth customer journey and de-risk the potential for fraud in the process.  We’ve had to make a number of bespoke tweaks in the system to make sure it really fits our needs and our customer needs. Bonafidee has been very flexible and very good at responding to those needs and requirements

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