Bonafidee is available as a stand-alone web application or it can be integrated into your existing systems via our enterprise API


Integrating Bonafidee is the preferred choice for high-volume users looking to embed a seamless electronic signing experience into their existing systems and processes.  

A highly configurable and customisable solution, Bonafidee is capable of meeting different business needs to incorporate e-signature functionality into documents, forms and transactions right across your organisation within its core systems, websites and mobile applications. Bonafidee can also be integrated with other enterprise systems or third party software such as CRM, CMS, DMS and BPM.

Furthermore, it can be customised to ensure a ‘look and feel’ consistent with your brand guidelines and customer experience.


Unlike alternative providers, integrating Bonafidee into your existing system(s) is very cost-effective. We will consult with you and do all we can to support the integration process. The service is supplied on a contract basis and credits are billed for on a monthly basis for an agreed fixed term. Contact us now for more information and a quote.

How do I get Bonafidee integrated?

Getting started is quick and straightforward - once our non-disclosure agreement has been signed and returned, you will be provided with access to our trial environment. You will be given the credentials necessary to access the platform where you will be able to see Bonafidee in action and assess the options.   

To discuss the options in more detail, please contact us or call our integration team now on 0345 319 3075


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