How It Works

Whether integrated into your system via our enterprise API or accessed through our popular web application, Bonafidee is very simple to use


Our main priority is to establish that an identity is verifiable and that it is the correct person signing the document. Once the identity has been verified, the signatory is just a few clicks away from signing the document.

Select signing option

Use SIGN NOW when you need a document(s) signed there and then by one or more signatories who are present. For example, when signing a purchase order or sales agreement in a retail environment. With SIGN NOW you can complete business instantly with fast turnaround signatures and straight through processing.

Use SIGN SOLO to prepare a document for electronic signing remotely at the convenience of one or more signatories. Start preparing and sending documents for signing within minutes using our unrivalled e-signature technology which can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. SIGN SOLO incorporates Bonafidee’s online verification technology to verify the identity of the signatory before presenting the document(s) to be signed.

Prepare your document for e-signature

  • Create a signing session by inserting basic contact details for the intended signatory
  • Select the type of ID check required, choose from:
  • Run the check and view the match strength results indicated by the traffic light system
  • Upload a bookmarked document or template
  • Review the document
  • Schedule, validate and send

The signatory will receive an email notification that they have a document to sign. They will then be required to re-confirm their ID before the document is presented for signature. A series of unique codes are embedded in the document which must be read and transcribed alongside their declaration of signature.

Finally, a sealed e-signature pack is created as a ‘read only’ pdf for each e-signature session. This pack is then digitally signed by Bonafidee and any attempts to edit, modify or disassemble would be obvious, rendering it useless.

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