Why Bonafidee?

Simple to use, entirely paperless, secure, compliant, more efficient and more convenient, Bonafidee transforms the way our clients do business

Advantages of paperless

Despite the fact that 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK, going paperless can save more than £400 per person per year in the supply of paper, toner, ink and printers alone. By making this transition, your organisation will also enjoy direct savings on other stationary, postage, delivery costs and document storage. Additionally, 7% of all paper documents get lost or misfiled, and, when disaster strikes, paper documents are usually permanently destroyed, whilst digital documents can often be recovered.

Making the move to paperless can also boost your organisation's reputation. Numerous reports have been published that show just how important a firms' eco credentials are to customers, with people much more willing to purchase goods or services if the business they are purchasing them from can prove their practices are green and sustainable.

Confidence through ID verification

In recent years, landmark court decisions and the establishment of e-signing regulations have had a dramatic effect on the growth of e-signatures used to conduct business. At the same time, advances in the use of technology have helped to facilitate reliable, remote, multi-factor identity authentication. Even in the most highly regulated sectors with regards to laws and compliance, banks and other lenders in the consumer credit industry are now using Bonafidee to conclude loan applications and hire purchase agreements with e-signed contracts and digital documentation.  

Two aspects of Bonafidee’s proposition make it 100% legally enforceable – integral ID checks that verify the identity of your signatory or signatories, and the tamper-evident signature pack (audit trail) that provides evidence of all actions taken by the signatory. For more information about e-signatures and the law, click here.

Improved efficiency

By avoiding delays caused by printing, mail fulfilment and postal delivery, your contracts, forms and agreements can be prepared, sent and signed-off immediately, saving you valuable time to focus on more pressing priorities. By using Bonafidee to conclude business remotely, you’ll save time by eliminating dependence on a physical location and reducing the number of necessary face-to-face client meetings.

Better experience for your clients

Bonafidee is a flexible e-signature solution designed to meet the needs of modern business and modern life. Whether you require your client to e-sign there and then, perhaps in-store or at your offices, or sign a document remotely in their own time and at their convenience, Bonafidee is the ideal solution. By enabling your clients to electronically sign documents wherever and whenever on their choice of PC, tablet or other mobile device, you’re truly delivering enhanced customer service. 

Jon Catten, Sales Manager, Dreams Telesales wrote:With this new e-signature process, we can now process more orders in a day. It also improves our customer experience significantly, with contracts being signed instantly.

Secure and compliant

Whether it’s for due diligence purposes, pre-employment screening, anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC) compliance, or prior to sending an important document for remote signing, Bonafidee is a highly secure, anti-fraud solution that mitigates against the risks of identity theft and online fraud. Meeting all legal and regulatory requirements, Bonafidee is able to provide organisations with the confidence that they’re looking for.  

Cloud service providers share infrastructure, platforms, and applications, and if a vulnerability arises at any level, it can affect everyone. As a result, our security policy dictates that Bonafidee does not use cloud computing services. Instead, Bonafidee owns and manages our own dedicated infrastructure in IL3/4 rated data centres in the UK.  


  • Save time, effort and money
  • A more convenient signing experience for your clients
  • Legally enforceable and fully compliant (KYC & AML)
  • Mitigate against fraudulent activity and reduce business risk
  • Sign remotely or in face-to-face situations with individuals or groups
  • We keep your data safe with the highest levels of security and guarantee UK data sovereignty
  • Your choice of web application or API integration
  • Reliable results every time with real-time independent checks
  • Only pay for what you use – cost-effective pay-as-you-go option

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