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Pending payment of £1 on your bank statement?

Bonafidee processed a deferred payment of £1 to verify your bank card with your address. Please be assured that no payment has been made and it will disappear from your statement. 

[Please note: If you cannot recall using your bank card, an ID check may have been carried out on the person(s) you share your joint account with]


Which countries are covered in the Global e-ID checks?

Anyone can use Bonafidee to sign a document or legal agreement, provided that the signatory’s identity can be verified by our third-party data providers who help us facilitate ID checks on individuals whose permanent country of residence is listed below:


Australia Luxembourg
Austria Malaysia
Belgium Netherlands
Brazil New Zealand
Canada Norway
China Portugal
Denmark Singapore
France South Africa
Germany Spain
Hong Kong Sweden
India Switzerland
Ireland United Kingdom
Italy United States of America
What is Bonafidee used for?

Bonafidee is used by organisations to electronically sign important documentation and in doing so, verifying  the signatory's identity. Identifying the signatory as who they say they are forms part of an organisation's due diligence procedures, for example, for pre-employment screening and on-boarding new clients and meeting their obligations for anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) compliance.

Whether you require a client to sign a document there and then (perhaps in-store or at your offices) or sign a document remotely in their own time and at their convenience, an e-ID check is typically the first step in Bonafidee’s e-signature process. Unless you choose to ‘self-certify’, each signatory will be checked and verified against independent data sources to authenticate their identity. If you require multiple signatories to sign the document, you can specify in what order. Should the need arise, you can even indicate how long the document is valid for.

What is an advanced electronic signature?

An advanced electronic signature, or e-signature is a coded message that conveys the person’s intent to sign a document, and incorporates identity verification in the signing process to confirm the signatory’s identity with various data sources.

How does Bonafidee differ from alternative e-signature solutions?

As a principle, Bonafidee believes in authenticating the identity of the signatory as an essential security step in the e-signature process. Bonafidee is an advanced e-signature solution with integral e-ID verification functionality and an advanced signing mechanism. Few take this stance, calling into question their rigour and ability to negate identity theft and online fraud.

What is an Audit Trail?

An Audit Trail is a chronological sequence of actions, which is tracked and recorded from the beginning to the end of a single process, activity or event. In e-commerce, for example, each action is logged prior to and after the payment and delivery of a product/service. Similarly, during the completion of an online application form, each action from entering in details and selecting binary answers (yes/no), through to agreeing the terms and e-signing a document are recorded.

What does legal enforceability mean?

When a document is signed, it becomes a contract between both parties who are legally bound by the terms of the contract, which is - therefore - legally enforceable and can be used as evidence in UK law.

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