Integral ID Checks

Why are ID checks important in the signing process?

Bonafidee is a highly secure, anti-fraud solution whose e-signature service uses multiple data sources to verify identities online. Our main priority is to establish that the intended signatory is who they say they are. Indeed, for the electronic signing process to stand up in a court of law, evidence is required to prove the identity of the signatory;

  • that the person was identified as who they said they were
  • as who you thought they were
  • that this same person had full intent to sign and had control of the process.

To read more about legal enforceability, click here.

All that is required are a few customer details typed into a simple online form. These details are then checked against independent data sources to accurately validate a person’s true identity. Once the identity has been verified online, you are just a few clicks away from getting your document(s) signed.  

What checks are available?

The first step in the signing process is to choose which type of check you require. The higher the level chosen, the greater the degree of assurance in the validation and verification of the individual.

Level 1

Classic ID check, comprising:

  • UK electoral roll and register                        
  • Financial records / Credit history        
  • Valid landline telephone number        

A failed verification is likely to cause only inconvenience.

Level 2

Enhanced ID check, comprising: 

  • UK electoral roll and register                        
  • Financial records / Credit history
  • Valid landline telephone number
  • HM Treasury Sanctions List
  • Compliant CIFAS fraud data
  • Halo Deceased Register
  • Any forwarding address links

There is substantial assurance that the individual’s real world identity is verified.

Level 3

QNA ID check, the next generation of ID check enabling multi factor authentication.

Answers to a series of knowledge based questions are checked against a multitude of data sources, for example; who do you bank with? when did you switch gas utility provider? 

The individual’s real world identity is verified beyond reasonable doubt.

Why use Bonafidee's e-signature for integral ID checks?

Bonafidee’s eID solution delivers many advantages over traditional methods:

  • Multi-device friendly - simply and speedily verify and validate identities in seconds
  • 24/7 instant secure access – use anywhere and anytime
  • Meet your regulatory and statutory obligations - due diligence for Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Meets increasing expectations for customer convenience
  • Removes the risk of lost, damaged or stolen documents
  • Automates processes and provides instant approval decisions in real time
  • Choice of checks available to suit all circumstances

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