Bonafidee launches Direct Debit Complete

As a digital trust pioneer, Bonafidee is transforming organisations through cutting-edge technology. Companies like Shawbrook, Moneybarn, and Blue Motor Finance operate inside increasingly dynamic markets where digital transformation and fraud mitigation are hugely advantageous. Using Bonafidee's e-signature technology with built-in identity verification, our clients have been able to transform their operations through online form-filling and electronic signatures enabling processes to be quicker and more secure for them and their customers.

Recently Bonafidee has been developing a new feature within our e-signature suite that will extend its capabilities for capturing direct debit information. We are proud to announce that Bonafidee’s Direct Debit Complete is now available for use through our enterprise API. This new feature will give your business the means to be able to firmly verify a customer’s identity and present a direct debit instruction (DDI) all in the same signing process.

How it works

A customer will receive an invitation to complete a paperless direct debit instruction. Bonafidee will capture their bank details and optional preferred payment day, validate their identity and bank details and present a direct debit instruction for authorising payments from their bank account in one signing session.

This is a considerable feat of software engineering that we think will further automate online transactions with enhanced KYC and AML compliance. Among the benefits of using Direct Debit Complete is the functionality for your customers to choose a preferred payment day and amend their DDI mandate quickly and securely on any web-enabled device.

The benefits of Direct Debit Complete


  • Quick and easy way to authorise bank payments
  • Specify a preferred payment day  
  • Easily amendable DDI should the customer choose to change their bank details.
  • A faster, frictionless payment-setup that replaces the documentation normally required for DDI’s


  • Quickly capture the customers bank data in a secure signing environment
  • Administer the signing process with enhanced KYC and AML compliance
  • Paperless documentation for accelerating the payment-setup and signing process
  • Digitised DDI’s for a faster onboarding process

How much does it cost?

DD Complete can be integrated using Bonafidee’s enterprise API or through our web app using a certain number of credits bought on a pay-as-you-go basis. DD Complete uses the original components of Paperless Direct Debit set up with the added advantages of creating a DD instruction for capturing the customer’s bank details and preferred payment date (4 credits) and the option of carrying out a Bank Account Ownership check (an extra 4 credits).

Please see pricing for more information, or call us today on 0345 319 3075 or email us at to find out more about our integration opportunities.