From legal compliance to improved client experience, Bonafidee will give your organisation a competitive edge

Bonafidee offers numerous advantages including protecting you from identity theft and online fraud

Irrespective of your profession and your motivations, developing the use of electronic signatures makes excellent business sense.  The advantages of e-signing over traditional methods are overwhelming in terms of speed, efficiency and cost reduction. 

What’s more, e-signatures genuinely give forward-thinking practices competitive advantage by offering a faster, more convenient signing method for their clients and customers. As a result, Bonafidee is used by all manner of professional services firms including law firms, banks and financial institutions

  • Save time, effort and money
  • Legally enforceable and fully compliant (KYC & AML)
  • Mitigate against fraudulent activity and reduce business risk
  • A more convenient signing experience for your clients
  • Sign remotely or in face-to-face situations with individuals or groups
  • Your data is not stored in the cloud
  • Your choice of web application or API integration
  • Reliable results every time with real-time ID checks from independent data sources
  • Only pay for what you use – cost-effective pay-as-you-go option

Why Bonafidee

Simple to use, entirely paperless, secure, compliant, more efficient and more convenient, Bonafidee transforms the way our clien

Legally enforceable

Designed to ensure authenticity and legal enforceability with every action recorded and documented in a tamper-evident signature

Integral ID Checks

By verifying and validating the identities of your signatories, Bonafidee goes further to protect you from ID theft and online f

How it works

Use SIGN NOW to complete business there and then or SIGN SOLO to prepare a document for remote electronic signing.


Highly configurable and customisable, our API is ideal for those looking to embed a seamless e-signing experience into existing

Web App

Perfect for in-frequent users requiring an immediate, quick and simple, low cost means to prepare documents for secure electroni

What our clients say

“With this new e-signature process, we can now process more orders in a day. It also improves our customer experience significantly, with contracts being signed instantly.”
Jon Catten, Sales Manager for Dreams Telesales

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