Using Bonafidee to perform certain tasks consumes a fixed number of credits

Bonafidee is available as a stand-alone web application or it can be integrated and configured into your existing systems via our enterprise API. Once set-up, both options offer the same competitive pricing structure with the cost of credits calculated according to the quantity being purchased, see the table below.

Credits purchased Cost (excl.VAT) Cost per credit (excl.vat)
100 £50.00 £0.50
250 £100.00 £0.40
500 £185.00 £0.37
1000 £350.00 £0.35
2500 £825.00 £0.33
5000 £1,500.00 £0.30

Using Bonafidee to perform certain tasks consumes a fixed number of credits, see the table below.

Task Credit usage
E-signature set up 1
Classic ID check 5
Enhanced ID check 7
QNA ID check 4
Passport check 1
Driving licence check 1
Payment card check 1
Bank account ownership check 4
Paperless Direct Debit set up 3
Document action fee 1


You require a document to be signed remotely by a signatory you've never met

TaskCredit usage
E-signature set up1
Classic ID check5
Driving licence check1
Document action fee1
Total credits used8

API Integration

Unlike alternative providers, integrating Bonafidee into your existing system(s) is very cost-effective. We will consult with you and do all we can to support the integration process. Whilst there is no integration fee, there is a £250 administrative charge, and we charge £95 per hour for design and customisation. The service is supplied on a contract basis and credits are billed for on a monthly basis for an agreed fixed term.

Getting started is quick and straightforward - once our non-disclosure agreement has been signed and returned, you will be provided with access to our trial environment. You will be given the credentials necessary to access the platform where you will be able to see Bonafidee in action and assess the options.

Web App

Web App

The web app is ideally suited for low level, infrequent use for those requiring an immediate, quick and simple means to prepare documents for secure electronic signing and/or run occasional identity checks. There is no contract to sign and credits can be purchased anytime on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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