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Bonafidee – advanced e-signature solutions with secure ID verification for banks

As members of UK Finance and with close working relationships with our banking clients, we understand the digital challenges faced by banks to safeguard themselves and their customers from the threats of identity theft and online fraud. With extended business cycles and rising expectations for advanced online services, banks are under pressure to meet the demand for speed and convenience, whilst effectively managing security risk and ensuring regulatory compliance.

With a reduction in personal contact in branch locations, online only digital relationships present considerable challenges. At the heart of the problem, verifying identities (are they who they say they are) is crucial to reduce fraud risk. With secure electronic ID verification built into the e-signing process, Bonafidee takes remote authentication to the next level and uses only the most reliable, independent third party sources to verify and validate IDs. As a result, Bonafidee is used by banks to confidently carry out due diligence checks and meet their regulatory compliance requirements – KYC and AML.

Delivering the most rigorous ID checks and robust e-signature solution available, Bonafidee is transforming customer on-boarding and the account approval process. Thanks to its completely paperless system, credit agreements, application forms, commercial contracts, trading agreements and investment documents can be signed instantly on any mobile device anywhere and at any time. By providing a transparent, fully digitised solution, our clients are equipped to deliver convenience, reliability and first class customer experiences. What’s more, by negating the need for paper documents, banks are reducing the risks of lost or stolen documents and data capture errors, whilst saving considerable time, effort and money in the process.

  • Confidently prepare, send and archive e-signed forms and documents
  • Verify and validate a person’s true identity as an essential component of the e-signing process
  • Meet your regulatory and statutory obligations – due diligence for AML and KYC compliance
  • Accelerate the account application and approval process to improve the customer on-boarding experience
  • Reduce risks – ID theft, stolen documents, online fraud
  • Maintain a complete, certified audit trail with tamper-evident sealed signed document packs

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