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Introducing Bonafidee - the advanced e-signature solution for lenders and their clients

Bonafidee has positioned itself to become the preferred choice for alternative lenders in the consumer credit industry. With secure electronic ID verification built into the e-signing process, lenders of motor finance, personal loans and other financial products are benefiting from competitive advantage whilst safeguarding themselves as they interact and transact in the digital world.

Following seamless integration via our enterprise API, Bonafidee is transforming how lenders and their clients do business. Thanks to its completely paperless system, contracts can be signed instantly either remotely or face-to-face. A full audit trail of the signing process is provided along with a tamper-proof evidence pack to deliver the most robust e-signature solution available.

Using advanced software technology to streamline and accelerate the loan application and approval process, Bonafidee is helping our clients to meet the rising expectations of their customers. With the ability to access and close agreements on any mobile device anywhere and at any time, your customers experience heightened convenience, whilst you benefit from improved turnaround and transaction times.  

Bonafidee speeds up common loan application procedures such as checking an individual’s credentials and opening new accounts. Bonafidee’s dashboard tracks progress in real-time to keep your staff informed and always one step ahead. They can also save time and effort with reusable, pre-populated templates so everyone in your company will access the most up-to-date documents and transaction procedures.

  • Confidently prepare, send and archive e-signed loan applications and supporting documents
  • Verify and validate a person’s true identity as an essential component of the e-signing process
  • Meet your regulatory and statutory obligations – due diligence for AML and KYC compliance
  • Accelerate your loan application and approval processes 
  • Improve the customer experience and their loyalty
  • Reduce risks – ID theft, stolen documents, online fraud
  • Maintain a complete, certified audit trail with tamper-evident pack 

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