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Introducing Bonafidee - driving business growth for lenders and brokers

Identity theft and fraud are amongst the largest threats faced by the automotive sector. Bonafidee makes it possible for fraud prevention to play an active role in driving business growth for brokers and lenders, whilst at the same time providing exceptional customer experiences for vehicle buyers.

Bonafidee’s advanced e-signature solutions are now used by the likes of Blue Motor Finance, Moneybarn and Evolution Funding, Bonafidee sits quietly in the background - verifying identities (ensuring customers are who they say they) whilst facilitating a swift and secure electronic signing process to close each deal. Thanks to its completely paperless system, sales contracts can be signed instantly and a full audit trail of the signing process is provided in the form of Bonafidee’s tamper-evident PDF signature pack.  As a result, automotive funding providers have the most robust and legally enforceable e-signature solution available.

Click here to read more about Bonafidee accepting the 'Digital Innovation of the Year' award at the 2017 Motor Finance Europe Awards.

Whether accessed in the car showroom or at the customer’s convenience on their phone or device, Bonafidee is playing a vital role in streamlining the customer journey whilst reducing the fraud risk to the dealer and/or lender.  Watch our short video to hear the experiences of our clients, including Chris Jones, Commercial Director at Blue Motor Finance.

  • Helps to close deals speedily by using advanced electronic signature technology
  • Protects dealers and lenders by promoting legal enforceability of signed contracts
  • Provides an exceptionally quick and convenient experience for car buyers
  • Verifies and validates identities in seconds to reduce the risk of fraud
  • Mitigates the risk of lost, damaged or stolen identity documents
  • Use anywhere and anytime - multi-device friendly with 24/7 instant secure access
  • Digital audit trail – automatically archives all actions into a tamper evident signature pack
  • Meets industry standards for due diligence and KYC regulatory compliance

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