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Introducing Bonafidee - the advanced e-signature solution for lenders and borrowers

Personal loans were the fastest growing loan product in 2016*. UK Banks, building societies, and loan providers have harnessed digital technology to improve the customer experience by enabling more customers to register online where there’s more lending opportunity.

The industry-wide use of technology has given lenders the capacity to complete and execute loan agreements electronically using Bonafidee. As a result, we have changed the lending ecosystem for many of our clients by reducing inefficient paperwork and digitising the application and agreement process.

By incorporating our award-winning e-signature solution, borrowers can electronically sign loan agreements that can be authenticated by the lender enabling the lending process to be quicker and more secure, reducing the time between loan application and agreement closure.   

Here are some of the guaranteed benefits of using Bonafidee:

  • Accelerate the loan application and agreement process with a swift and secure e-signing ceremony
  • Confidently prepare, send, and securely archive e-signed finance agreements
  • Maintain a complete, certified audit trail with a tamper-evident pack
  • Authenticate e-signed documents with in-built ID verification
  • Adhere to regulatory and statutory mandates for AML and KYC compliance
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft, stolen documents, and internet fraud

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Source: TransUnion: Consumer balance and delinquency rates 2017

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