Transforming processes in the UK property market

As electronic signature technology matures, the UK property market is now embracing the many advantages that it delivers – speed and efficiency, cost savings, convenience and the environmental benefits. Previous concerns over legal and regulatory compliance have now been overcome, especially since the new European regulation, eIDAS, which took effect from July 1st 2016.  

Whilst a completely paperless house buying process remains some way off in the UK, Bonafidee is already helping to secure and speed up various processes in the UK property market:

  • Landlords are using integral identity checks to verify and validate the identities of tenants when signing a tenancy agreement
  • Estate agents are offering vendors the convenience of electronically signing agency contracts and sales particulars 
  • Letting agents no longer need to print tenancy agreements, inspection reports and other important documents
  • Conveyancers are using Bonafidee to have property, leasehold and fittings/contents information forms completed, electronically signed and returned in a fraction of the time 

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