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The UK property market is now embracing the many advantages of electronic signature technology

As electronic signature technology matures, the UK property market is now embracing the many advantages that it delivers – speed and efficiency, cost savings, convenience and the environmental benefits. Previous concerns over legal and regulatory compliance have now been overcome, especially since the new European regulation, eIDAS, which took effect from July 1st 2016.  

With Bonafidee, estate agents and their staff can operate more confidently and more efficiently by negating the need for client appointments, printing, photocopying and managing endless paper trails. For instance, the identity of new vendors can be verfied whilst signing your agency contract and their sales particulars remotely at their own convenience.

For estate agents the legal stakes are too high to risk a dependence on anything but an advanced e-signature. That’s why, as a digital trust provider, Bonafidee has positioned itself to become the preferred choice in the property sector. Our client’s confidence in Bonafidee is more than justified - as the digital trust pioneer, we’ve defined new standards to safeguard businesses as they engage, interact and transact in today’s digital world.  

Bonafidee’s unique signing mechanism ensures that the document presented to the signatory is legible and they are able to read the contents and sign it by engaging with the process. Considerably more than a ‘tick in a box’ exercise, a series of unique codes are embedded in the document which must be read and transcribed alongside a declaration of signature. Finally, each Bonafidee signing session automatically generates a complete, compliant audit trail culminating in the creation of a tamper-evident sealed signature pack that acts as legally enforceable evidence. 

So, when you have important contracts, agreements and forms that require signing, let Bonafidee safeguard you today.

  • Confidently prepare, send and archive e-signed documents speedily and efficiently
  • Ensure authentication - ID verfication with 24/7 secure access to real-time checks from independent data sources
  • Reduce risks – ID theft, stolen documents, online fraud
  • Meet your regulatory and statutory obligations – due diligence for AML and KYC compliance
  • Maintain a complete, certified audit trail with tamper-evident documentation 

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