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The preferred choice for letting agents and private landlords for electronic identity checks and electronic signing

Bonafidee has positioned itself to become the preferred choice for letting agents and private landlords for electronic signing of important contracts and agreements. As a result, letting agents are taking the opportunity to.. 

  • Save money and streamline their business operations
  • Speed up the letting process and gain competitive advantage 
  • Save time and minimise the number of necessary face-to-face appointments
  • Reduce the risk of letting a property to inappropriate or even fraudulent tenant(s)

Using Bonafidee’s advanced e-signature solution entirely negates the need to print tenancy agreements, inspection reports and other important documents. By offering landlords and tenants the ability to electronically sign documents anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device, you’ll not only accelerate the letting process, you’ll close more business, more quickly. 

So, when you have critical contracts and agreements that require signing, let Bonafidee safeguard you today.

  • Speedily prepare, send and archive e-signed tenancy agreements for single or multiple tenants
  • Ensure authentication - ID verification with 24/7 secure access to real-time checks from reliable, independent data sources
  • Reduce the risks of lost or stolen documents and identity fraud
  • Meet your regulatory and statutory obligations – due diligence for right to reside, AML and KYC compliance
  • Maintain a complete, certified audit trail with tamper-evident documentation

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