• Use Bonafidee for high-speed contract signing

    Sign and execute motor finance agreements electronically, anywhere without delays
  • Make the move towards digital change using the industry standard for advanced e-signing

    With built-in ID verification, use Bonafidee to securely sign and execute mortgage contracts electronically
  • Use Bonafidee for advanced e-signing to complete the exchange of e-contracts

    Paperless and with built-in ID verification, conveyancers are executing agreements electronically with Bonafidee
  • Curb delays with the industry standard for advanced electronic signing

    With built-in ID checks, lenders can use Bonafidee's speedy and compliant e-signing solution to execute motor finance contracts
  • Safe and secure e-signing worldwide

    With the arrival of Global e-ID checks, use Bonafidee to verify signatories from 27 different nationalities

Discover Bonafidee

Bonafidee offers numerous advantages to protect you from identity fraud and online theft

Why Bonafidee

Simple to use, entirely paperless, secure, compliant and efficient.

Legally enforceable

Every action is recorded and documented in a tamper-evident signature pack.

Global e-ID Checks

Bonafidee goes further to protect you from ID theft and online fraud.

How it works

Fast turnaround signatures for simple remote electronic signing.


Embedding a seamless electronic signing experience into existing systems.

Web App

Ideal for in-frequent, low cost, secure electronic signing.

What our clients say

“With this new e-signature process, we can now process more orders in a day. It also improves our customer experience significantly, with contracts being signed instantly.”
Jon Catten, Sales Manager for Dreams Telesales

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